Kofamikhon, Tajikistan. © Christopher Swift 2012

Turajonzoda Reflects on the IMU’s Origins

Kofamikhon, Tajikistan — Today I conducted a lengthy interview with Akhbar Turajonzoda, the former Qazi Qalon and Deputy Prime Minister of Tajikistan. Turajonzoda served as deputy commander of the United Tajik Opposition (UTO), a coalition of democratic and Islamist parties allied against President Rahmon’s post-Soviet regime. Turanjonzoda offered several interesting insights regarding the origins of…

Mountain Village, Central Tajikistan. © Christopher Swift 2012

Insights into the Rasht Insurgency

Dushanbe, Tajikistan – According to senior Tajik government advisors, the 2010 Rasht valley insurgency was led by Tajik militants who returned to Tajikistan after a long deployment with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) in Afghanistan. While the facts surrounding Rasht remain murky, they believe that the insurgents were part of a wider regional network…

Fieldwork in Central Asia

Washington, DC – During the next two weeks I will be traveling through Central Asia to examine how indigenous terrorist groups interact with al-Qaeda and the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan. My route will take me from southern Tajikistan, through the restive Fergana Valley, and then on to Northern Kyrgyzstan. I hope you will…

Kabul Bombing

Kabul Bombings Reveal Mounting Challenged Faced by the Karzai Government

Terrorism Monitor Vol. 3:27 (July 2006) Washington, DC — A bomb detonated outside the Afghan Justice Ministry on 4 July, injuring several civilians and shattering windows in nearby buildings. Three additional devices exploded across Kabul on 5 July, targeting buses carrying Afghan government personnel, as well as an Afghan National Army (ANA) convoy in Pul-i-Charkhi….