Between Terrorists and Insurgents

Insights that may explain how a single bomber was able to kill so many victims.

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Checkpoint - Sana'a, Yemen

Fieldwork in Yemen

Understanding the degree to which AQAP’s globalized salafi-jihadi ideology resonates within Ansar al-Shari’ah’s ranks

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Yemen Tribesmen

Will a temporary truce work in Syria?

Rebel fighters say they will put down their guns only if the regime does the same.

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Al-Jazeera Inside Syria

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To Defeat Al-Qaeda, Win in Yemen

Bloomberg View June 21, 2012 Yemen, we are told, is the next Afghanistan. Yet with some relatively minor and inexpensive initiatives, the U.S. may be able to keep it from becoming al-Qaeda’s next haven. From the bombing of the U.S. Navy destroyer Cole in 2000 to the failed Christmas Day attack on an airliner over…

US Dron

The Drone Blowback Fallacy

Strikes in Yemen Aren’t Pushing People into al-Qaeda Foreign Affairs July 1, 2012 Recent revelations that the White House keeps a secret terrorist kill list, which it uses to target al Qaeda leaders, have spurred a debate over drone warfare. Progressive pundits excoriate the Obama administration for expanding the power of the executive branch. Senate…

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